Monday, October 24, 2011

shop 'n drop

Now don't take this as moaning and groaning or whining and complaining. I went shopping yesterday with four college girls, one of them my daughter. And another mom, Barbie ... all Taylor U friends. Not that I really wanted to shop, but I did want to be with the girls and Barbie. So off we went for an afternoon shop-session. Observations:

1. Half of Columbus chose to be inside a mall on a gorgeous October afternoon. Why?

2. Someone switched our Old Navy with the one in Charlotte while I wasn't looking. No kidding, now it looks just like the one in Charlotte, and made me miss Ari a lot.

3. Charming Charlie's is a store like no other. It is packed full of - sorry C.C. fans - tacky costume jewelry. The merchandise is arranged by colors on little display islands: the blue island, the red island, the purple island, the brown island, and you weave around these islands in hopes of finding the perfect accessory for your outfit back home. There are gaudy colorful clutches and oversized necklaces. Winter hats and summer purses. I tried on a ring that resembled a tiny Slinky with beads and wondered how you'd bend your finger.

As soon as Katie and I stepped in the store, we locked eyes and communicated silently that we couldn't wait to get out. Katie and I tend to be bored/overwhelmed/bewildered by stores where there is a lot to see. Especially when the merchandise is large, sparkly and well, just ugly. We are simple, unadorned girls.

4. Last stop: Forever 21. This store is over the top. First, I don't want to be forever 21. And I question women my age who do. But most of the patrons were in the 16 - 25 range and they are totally into this store. One item I was interested in was scarves, so I asked a sales boy to show me some. "Over there," he pointed left. "And back here," he pointed right. "And maybe up there," he pointed up the escalator. Oh, good grief. There is absolutely no order to Forever 21. T-shirts and dresses and jeans and scarves all willy-nilly around the store. It's madness. So I plopped down with Barbie on a skinny window ledge. They could at least have a bench or two.

5. Sales girls always ask, "are you finding everything?" I'm never sure how to answer. If I say "no," they interrogate me. If I say "yes," it's a total lie.

5. The best stop was Chick-fil-a. Barbie and I split a sandwich. I love Chick-fil-a ... a whole lot more than shopping.

My next shopping excursion will be to the classy Talbot's, where the merchandise is organized, the sales ladies carry your choices to the dressing room for you, and the scarves are all together.


Karen Dawkins said...

Forever 21 is our link to sanity!!!!! With a limited clothing budget, it saves Nathan! He can be "fashion-forward" on a shoestring. We'd love a Forever 21 big enough to have an escalator.

And it's a Christian brand making it in mainstream America. YIPPEE!!!! :)

Jenny Haller said...

I am 27 and I shop at Forever 21... but I shop ONLINE! At midnight when both my daughters are asleep and I can peacefully avoid the obnoxious disorganization and the club music. But, I do love the Columbus store... if I had three hours!

Barb said...

Jenny ... they have moved the Polaris store to their new addition. It's huge and 2-story. Free sitter if ya want to go in December!