Saturday, May 30, 2015

boy, oh, boy: welcome, Peter!

The text came from Jill late Wednesday afternoon:
"I think this baby is coming soon-ish!"
Indeed he did, a week before the due date!
I scurried around to finish packing and left the next morning
after a 2:30 a.m. message: "headed to the hospital!"
It was just two hours into my trip that Peter Norman Haller
came into the world at a healthy 7 lbs 15 ounces, 21" long.
Peter is a beautiful, blessed sixth grandchild for us!
Big sister Lily, 3, was so sweet and tender with Peter.
She asked lots of questions and was so
very gentle and nurturing with him!
So precious to witness.
Ethan, 21 months, was much less interested in Peter, as
would be expected. He's a typical toddler boy,
needing lots of space to zoom around and
make himself loudly known!
But it's fun to think how these brothers
will be great buddies.
Jill came home 24 hours after giving birth, looking fantastic
and in great spirits!
We're ordering her to take it easy and nap when she can.
Maybe it's a perspective gained through the years since
I had babies ... but seeing little grandchildren brought into the world,
to loving parents, is a holy privilege.
Meanwhile, in Charlotte ... Jenny is showing all signs of going into labor.
(Actually, she texted us that things were happening while
Jill was on HER way home from the hospital yesterday!)
G-6 and G-7 within two days!?
I'm not making this stuff up, folks! 


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

65th anniversary

This photo was taken 65 years ago today at my parents' wedding
in Memphis, Tennessee.
Weddings were so different then.
Look at the huge flower arrangement behind my grandfather on the left!
No dinner afterward: I imagine this was a cake reception at the church.
Mom wore a tea-length dress and my grandmothers of course
were decked out with their gloves, hats and purses. 
With the exception of my dad's father, all my grandparents
were younger than I am now, yet they look so old in their dowdy clothing!
This joyous union produced four children but lasted just 28 years
when my mother died of cancer in May of 1979. Dad married a lovely woman,
Sally, and their marriage lasted over 30 years before Dad's death.
He was the only person I knew who celebrated TWO 25th anniversaries!
To my children and all young marrieds, cherish the one you marry
because this life holds no guarantees.
One day your children will look at your wedding photos
and wonder where the years went.  
With all your strength and with God's grace, love big and love well!