Sunday, September 20, 2015

Elizabeth is 99!

Today our Mom, Grandma, "GG", Elizabeth turns 99!
What an amazing life for a sweet and winsome lady.
Her sons love and care for her faithfully,
our children adore her,
and I couldn't have asked for a better mother-in-law.

I'm so glad I have some marvelous photos of Elizabeth ...
she's now under Hospice care and is fading from this life.
It's very hard to see her so weak, but thankfully most days she
isn't in much pain.

We love you, Mom.
Happy 99th birthday!

(This photo taken a year or so ago.)

 Around 1940, Elizabeth biked through New England with
some girlfriends. What spunk!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

more on the wedding!

I am very sorry, blog readers. Life's been sticky lately and I'm having a time getting to the blog. Blah! But I promised more about David and Chelsea's July wedding so here goes.

The exciting and also a little nerve-wracking fact of having our five oldest grandchildren, ages 2 - 5 serve in the bridal party became real on the morning of July 18. Keeping 7 little children (including the two newborns) fed and rested was accomplished by many helping hands: parents, aunts and uncles, and two sets of grandparents. The little ones also had to be washed, combed, dressed, ferried, and photographed. A big undertaking but also a labor of love for our David and Chelsea.

          Here are the girls, ages 5, 4 and 3 all ready for photos. They held together pretty well!

A little wilted before the ceremony. Golly it was hot for us non-Floridians.

Here we have the little ring-bearers, beating the heat at the
St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club (wedding venue) after torrential rain the day before.
 Whatcha gonna do? Boys will be boys.
One bolted during the ceremony, but
all things considered they held it together.

Makin' it work: pre-ceremony snacks and video in the van.
"Wake me up for the reception."
Still sleeping .... Jordan with Jenny.
Wow! Chelsea's mom and aunt made all these cookies, which were
waaaaay better than any wedding cake. Little take-home bags
were provided, too!

Lily with Bill and me.

Mark with his middle, Ethan.
Have you ever played shuffleboard at a wedding?
Everyone loved it!
Jenny, Jill and Katie: three of "my" girls!
Notice the bride and groom in the background?
Cattle call for the photographer!

Of course, these two were who it was all about!
Chelsea and David planned a unique, fun and God-honoring wedding.
They had a short getaway in Florida and are planning
a fabulous official honeymoon for November!
This time a year ago, David and Chelsea had only known each
other a few months. For years I've prayed for my kids and their spouses, even before we KNEW their spouses. I thank the Lord for answered prayers!

(Special thanks to Jenny's mom, Shelley DeGeyter, for
some of these photos.)


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

90 years

My mother was born 90 years ago today.
She died over 36 years ago, so she's been gone quite a few more years than I had her.
 Losing my mother taught me never to assume a person should "be over" their grief.
Never, ever assume.
And the loss also taught me the preciousness of having a mother,
a loving mother who poured into us four kids so much
that she loved and shaped us almost completely before we lost her.
Thanks, Mom. I miss you.
Happy birthday.