Thursday, October 13, 2011

freezer burn

How to burn up a perfectly good afternoon: defrost the freezer! After that glorious mid-week bike ride two days ago, I needed some humbling. On THE LIST (my to-do list that never, ever is completed) was "defrost freezer." I kept shifting the task from one to-do list to the next.

Yesterday, a wet and dreary day, I decided to tackle the freezer. Here's how it went down:
1. Freezer's in the basement. Challenge.
2. I unload the frozen items into our biggest cooler, turn off the freezer and point a fan at the freezer.
3. Attach the too-short drainage hose to the dehumidifier hose to drain into a basement drain. One hose won't fit inside the other; go get turkey baster from the kitchen.
4. Finally successful by rigging turkey baster, two pots, old towels, and the fan. Also tried my hair dryer to speed up the process, but kept blowing the circuit.
5. Each time I run to empty one pot, the turkey baster slips from the smaller pot and water drains onto the carpeted floor.
6. Two hours and 20 minutes later, job is done. And dinner is a little late.

It's a good accomplishment, having the freezer defrosted. But not as fun as a bike ride.


Karen Dawkins said...

You have heard of auto-defrost, right?
It was invented sometime after black and white television and before the world wide web. :)

-d said...

I thought it was a great place for a large piece of framed art.