Sunday, October 9, 2011

blog salad

I've started no fewer than four posts this week, none of which found their way to completion. I guess you could say it's been a tossed salad kind of week. Here's what's been on my mind:

1. New phone on the horizon? The keys on my cell phone are wiggly, so I might be shopping. Not desiring a smart phone. Just need to make calls, text, and view photos of the granddaughters. That's it!

2. Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer on Wednesday. He was born 52 days after me! If that doesn't wake me up to my lack of achievement in life, I don't know what will. Sometimes I struggle with the thought that my life could end tomorrow and I would kick myself for not writing a book or chasing a few dreams. I'd slap my forehead for not formulating a real plan for my life and neglecting really important things and people.

3. My husband's mother spent three days in the hospital this week. All day Friday, I was amazed by the nurses who do their jobs cheerfully in the face of sick people and demanding family members. I salute nurses! The hospital stay could probably have been avoided had my mother-in-love followed the simple practice of drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables. Case closed on that one.

5. A sizzling hot, then wet summer made biking kind of challenging. Now the weather's nice but we're busier. So we're trying to get some pedaling in before cold weather hits. It's a race!

Alright, I hope the coming week is smoother in the blogging department. If you're a loyal reader, I apologize. Sometimes life just happens when you're making other plans.


Karen Dawkins said...

Hello my friend!!!
I'm headed toward a new iPhone... despite my anti-post about the iPhone 4S, my family insists that my constantly freezing smartphone is done. Who am I to deny their care and concern???? HA!

As for Steve Jobs.... yes, he accomplished much. May even be the Einstein of our time. BUT, you have had a greater impact on my life than him, his macbook that sits on my life and the above-mentioned iPhone. You are generous, encouraging, supportive, real and wise!!!

I do hope you'll write that book -- just so I can have "barb by my side." If you don't, though, I'll continue to treasure this blog and all your emails and texts.

Thanks for investing -- in me and my family!


Karen Dawkins said...

that should say macbook that sits on my lap.

I need more coffee!!!! :)

klrodman said...

I don't know...maybe those laptops DO sit on our lives at times! :)

I agree with Karen...Barb, in our short 3+ years of knowing each other, you have definitely made me think, cry (more to come...graduation...ha), & laugh than Steve Jobs.

I got the book back that you mailed...I'd read your stuff over hers any day!!! :)

Love your ramblings, my friend.

Barb said...

Karen and Kelsie ... now I wasn't fishing for affirmation, but your comments mean more than you know. Thank you. It blesses me to be your friend.