Monday, October 10, 2011

birthday girls in the 'hood

I admit to being a little envious of my neighbor gal-pals, Lynn and Dove. They share a birthday today, and what a spectacular day it was. We chatted over lunch on my back porch, surrounded by a perfect autumn day. October 10: just a lovely time for a birthday!

Don't you know, I had my camera out to snap a photo and FORGOT. As much as I see them, I don't even have a photo of the two together! Well, today I wish Dove and Lynn a happy birthday. Dove is our outdoor adventurer girl and Lynn is our June Cleaver. They both out-garden me. I think it's pretty unusual to be surrounded by neighbors who still chat in the front yard, borrow eggs and sour cream and even ovens, put up with each other's barking dogs, talk over the back fence (yes, literally we do) and just all around enjoy being together.

I hope you have some neighbor friends like I have here. Happy birthday, Lynn and Dove!


Karen Dawkins said...

We do!!!! We have wonderful neighbors!!!! I am blessed that God has continually provided us great neighbors everywhere we've lived.

Happy birthday, Dove and Lynn!!!!

(My favorite neighbor, though, lives at this blog.... I miss her tons!) It takes being a great neighbor to have great neighbors!!!! :)

-d said...

Love you and Lynn so much, and I would certainly never know what a good time was if it weren't for you two! It is a special treat to be able to walk out front and chat.