Monday, October 3, 2011

Mary-Kate and Ashley go to college

These whopper wind turbines went up over the summer on Taylor University's campus. They are joining - and will power - the new Euler Science Complex, scheduled to open in 2012.

As we prepared to leave Taylor yesterday after parents weekend, I asked Bill to drive over toward the science center so I could photograph the turbines. I think they're spectacularly majestic and beautiful, like huge versions of those little spinners you hold and blow as a kid. Taylor, in the heart of flat Indiana farmland, gets plenty of wind, so the turbines are usually rotating, round and round.

Taylor students nicknamed the turbines Mary-Kate and Ashley, due to their proximity to Olson, a women's dorm. Isn't that hilarious! And one student reports how she woke up on a sunny morning soon after arriving on campus to a flashing light in her room. The sun was reflecting off Mary-Kate ... or Ashley. Well, I guess the scientist-types don't think of everything!

Oh, yes. We had a fun weekend with Katie. We ate college food, (always kicked up a notch up for parents), watched tennis, worshiped in chapel. Amazing music! After ten years of kids at Taylor, this begins our last. It'll be a bittersweet year of "lasts" and I'm not too sure what I think of that. We'll miss Taylor, a phenomenal school and community. But life moves on, our family's growing by leaps and grandbabies, and we'll embrace what's ahead.

Of course, it's our last year of tuition payments, and that's not one bit sad!

right: Katie (middle) with two of her three adorable apartment-mates: Brie and Hannah.


Jenny Haller said...

I am sad too! Mary Kate and Ashley are super cute!

-d said...

Leave it to college kids to come up with a fun nickname, one that will stick! Love it.