Friday, October 28, 2011

senior show

Ever since sometime, oh, around her sophomore year, my daughter Katie's mentioned the SENIOR SHOW that is required of all photography/art majors at her college. Really, I don't think I had a clear idea of what this means. Then last year I began hearing things like "parents come help set up" and "make food to serve."

Did I mention Katie's a senior this year? I remember my college photography days. Had anyone even thought of a senior show in the 70's, it probably would have involved little more than a few photographs mounted on mat board. But based on my information gathering, I'm thinking Katie's SENIOR SHOW is going to be a bigger deal. And wouldn't it be - logically - in the spring of senior year? Katie called and said, "Guess what! My SENIOR SHOW is the end of February!"

Now lots of thoughts are whizzing through my head ... it will be mid-winter in Indiana ... Katie will be on a mission trip to Paraguay all of January ... mid-winter in Indiana. Oh, boy.

But hey. We'll do it. We'll be there and happily do our parent-ly part for Katie's SENIOR SHOW. Even if there's a blizzard. We'll call it the grand finale for the ten years we've had kids in college. Bring on that SENIOR SHOW!

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