Friday, October 21, 2011

happy birthday, Jenny!

Today's her birthday and so I honor my daughter-in-love Jenny. It's such fun to see her become a mom and while caring for two babies is a huge job, Jenny also has many interests. Most importantly, she's a woman after God's heart.  Here's a little birthday acrostic ...

J - Joyful. Jenny loves to laugh and her joy is evident in her family. A mother's joy is reflected in her children.

E - Energetic. Gardening, card games, organizing us indecisive Hallers , our trips to IKEA, cleaning house, exercising. If you need to see someone determined to get it done, watch Jenny!

N - Nurturing. Maybe motherhood doesn't come naturally to every new mom ... but Jenny wears it well, loving and caring for her husband Dan and their girls.

N - Natural girl. Just take at look at her blog. Jenny's learned so much about nutrition and is passionate about passing it on to to others. She's a great cook: I almost feel like I'm at a restaurant when we visit!

Y - Yearning and striving to be an excellent wife and mother ... but also allowing herself  some slack in this very busy season of her life. She lets the little things go.

H. - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNY, with love!

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Dan said...

Thank you for your encouraging words! I am a blessed woman! -Jenny