Thursday, January 7, 2016

So long Delaware and 2015!

                                            "So long, 2015. You kind of wore me out."
                                                                 - Donna Boucher

Oh boy, is this the truth. What a year! Two grandchildren arrived 3 days apart in late May. David and Chelsea got married in July. Bill's mom Elizabeth had a slow decline until her death in December. And we packed up our house and life of 26 years in just 10 weeks and moved to North Carolina this week. I am exhausted in every way and I don't have a favorite grocery store yet. It's hard not knowing your way around!

Christmas 2015

We have been in Charlotte for three days, house in utter disarray, Whew that shakes you up! But we're faithful God brought us here and will open doors and bring new relationships. But how we will miss dear Delaware friends and neighbors! They blessed us so.

A neighbor named Guy, age 81, just knocked on the back door. We chatted for awhile. Thankful for a friendly face, letting me know that tomorrow is trash day!