Tuesday, October 11, 2011

seizing the day!

What a day, what a stupendous day here in central Ohio! The laundry and assorted projects had to wait while we seized a beautiful autumn day for some biking.

We loaded the bikes and headed off to Johnstown around noon. "Six miles to Alexandria," Bill said. OK, twelve miles I can handle. But don't you know, the beauty and sunshine and woods lured us along and we couldn't stop at Alexandria. It was on to Granville, another five miles.

We found it a little tricky to keep to the trail, as much of it was a carpet of leaves. But we finished with no mis-haps!

A really neat feature of this trail is how it meanders through farmlands as well as woods. Real, working farms with white barns, red barns, shimmering silos, grazing cows, and pigs. We smelled the pigs. The trail crossed a number of driveways into the farms and I just felt like I was sailing through a fairy tale!

I am thankful that we are in a season of life when we can choose a day to bike based on the weather. As we biked, I thought of all the years that we didn't have the freedom to just go and do. It was a glorious 25 years with our kids, but also very them-focused. I miss those days at times, full lively kids, even with all their rowdiness and bickering.

But there's a peace and sweetness in being able to seize the day.


Dave Haller said...

Looks like a wonderful place to bike! Wish I could have joined you and dad.

Karen Dawkins said...

What a wonderful day -- especially compared to what I did all day yesterday!


Anonymous said...

cute shorts !!