Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hey everyone!
It was a full summer ... several trips north and south and here and there ...
but it wasn't so full that I should have neglected to write about the
granddaughter who arrived in June. Goodness what in the world?!
In no way does this mean I take these babes for granted ...
oh I'm so amazed by them all.
Madelyn Annette Haller came quickly just past midnight on Saturday, June 3.
 Jill and Mark are her amazing parents and she's also loved by three siblings:
big sister Lily, 5 and brothers Ethan, 4 and Peter, 2.
She's a happy, happy girl which is a great and helpful attribute for
a fourth child!
Maddie, by Jill ... August 2017
Katie and I scurried up to Virginia to lend our hands and shoot some photos.
Jill, always onto the next thing, came home 24 hours later and
we all went to church that morning! Oy!
They are doing great: schooling, working, nature group-ing and playing outside endless hours.
The boys get asked if they're twins. I think the day is coming when the
three oldest will be mistaken for triplets!
I was going to to dovetail right into our next baby, but I think
I'll wait a day and give him his own post.