Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Brittany ... and my babies

Late again. I'll give myself yet another chance, or rather another kick in the pants to get back to blogging.

Sadly, Brittany Maynard did carry out her plan to end her life on November 1. You may think whatever you like on this issue, but I find it very sad and wrong that "death with dignity" is a growing movement. See the post below, October 9, to read why. 

On a much different note, I road-tripped to see "my" babies three weeks ago. Bill was undergoing some physical therapy so he stayed here. These road trips aren't getting any easier or more fun. I don't like that it's such a big deal to see my babies. They're growing and changing rapidly and I miss them so much it hurts.

First to Charlotte and Ari, Ashlyn and Noah. The girls are suddenly older and more self-sufficient. They carry on wonderful conversations and get lost in their Legos. Noah's walking but still kind of a baby. Very loving but also a boy who gets into everything. This has mama Jenny a little frazzled. I started with three boys so it seems normal to me!

I stayed with them for 7 hours on Saturday so Dan and Jenny could have a date. I'll admit my self-confidence in this task was lacking, but everyone survived. Whew!

Next it was on to Virginia to visit Mark, Jill, Lily and Ethan in their new home. After two years in a townhouse, they have a house! And yard! So great for them.

Lily is definitely two and has those moments. But she's so full of love and sweetness, too. She loves to have me read to her, go on walks, and color. We have more conversations now which I just love.

Little Ethan just turned one. I got very few photos of him with the camera, ugh! He crawls constantly when not in his chair and poor guy has had lots of fussiness from teeth coming in. But he's a sweet boy who loves watching all that's going on around him. Baba introduced him to frozen peas which he found yummy.

And what in the world, I don't have ANY photos of Dan, Jenny, Mark or Jill! Maybe we'll do better later this month when we're all, yes ALL, at Mark and Jill's for Thanksgiving!!

(So happy to "find the light" in their breakfast nook - a photographer's best friend.)