Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lunch out

Today I met my Moms in Touch friends for lunch at 1808 American Bistro, a swanky-for-Delaware downtown restaurant. Oh, man. Three of us ordered the same dish: Crispy Almond Chicken Salad. Gorgeous greens, tomatoes, bacon (whoops), maple-vinaigrette dressing and a huge, flattened, panko-almond-crumb-crusted chicken breast. Outstanding!

l to r: Nan, Elizabeth, Lori and me.

When we gathered in August for coffee (pictured here) Nan, Elizabeth, Lori and I agreed to try a monthly lunch on the last Wednesday of each month. (Sampling different restaurants ... yum.) You might remember this post, when we laid our plan. It has worked for two months now and it's so great. We're reacquainting with each other. With 15 children between us, we don't always cover all the kids, but touch on a few each time we meet. Husbands, too. (Just four of those!) And we share our hopes, dreams and a few sorrows. Lots of laughter, too.

Lori shared quite the story today of moving her daughter to New York City. I think we're all glad to live in small-town Ohio.

God knit us together all these years. It's a sweet, special and rich friendship. Thank you, Nan, Elizabeth and Lori!

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