Wednesday, May 25, 2016

travel and more travel

We've done a crazy volume of travel since moving to North Carolina.
January: move and settle in (?) month.
February: visited Mark, Jill and kids in Virginia.
Those got blogged about; but then, like I said, it got crazy ...
In March we visited Katie and several old friends on the
east coast of Florida.
We spent our last glorious day winding up the coast and climbed
the beautiful Jupiter lighthouse.

April took us back to Florida, this time on the west coast
to visit newlyweds David and Chelsea in St. Petersburg.
We played a little shuffleboard at the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club,
site of David and Chelsea's wedding last July. Fun!
The Cleveland Indians were in town playing the Tampa Bay Rays
so we took in all three games.
En route to Florida we stopped for a night in the Beaufort, S.C. area
to visit my brother Pat and his wife Jan.
We worshiped with them at the Old Sheldon Church ruins, circa 1750.
Absolutely amazing!


Soon after that trip we ran down to Greenville, S.C. for a night
to see my nephew Robby perform in Lion King Jr. Excellent production!
In between all this we were finding our way around Charlotte, I applied for a couple of
jobs that didn't work out, and helping with four sweet, energetic grandchildren.
At the end of April we contacted our realtor in northern Michigan
about getting our property sold this summer.
Little did we know what would unfold the following week ...