Sunday, October 2, 2011

happy birthday, little big man

It's funny how children - even within the same family - can be so different. Some are timid and quiet, others come out swinging. Some dabble in many interests, others have razor-sharp focus on their life plan. That's why having four kids is such a ball: four different personalities, temperaments, and approaches to life.

Our first child came into our world 28 years ago this evening. David seemed like a little man almost from the start. He didn't cry much. Very big-brotherly with Dan, just 16 months younger. He kind of scared us by reading at age three. He once told a nurse to be careful of the hot water, because - pointing to a faucet - "that spells H-O-T!"
David's intense obssession with baseball is legendary in
our family. How can a kid know early on that baseball
would play such a big part in his life? David did, and it's a part of what made him seem wise beyond his years.

But he's more than baseball. David loves family, kids, good coffee & food, exploring new places, a good book, a good joke, and gently teasing all of us. What a sense of humor! He finds humor in almost any situation. I love that. 

Most of all, David has a heart for others and for God. It endears him to me, and to most everyone he touches.

Happy birthday, my former little man. Now my big man, my son. I love and miss you, David.

Go Rays !!


-d said...

A fine, insightful, thoughtful, and creatively funny man. Happy 28th birthday, David. So blessed to know you.

Karen Dawkins said...

Happy 28th birthday, David!!! We are truly blessed to know you. Love, all the Dawkinseseses