Wednesday, November 18, 2015

trust. trust. trust.

The writing has been on the wall for a couple of years: we've prayed about leaving Ohio to live closer to our kids and grandkids. And it's funny, my thoughts and emotions have run the gamut. I've had teary days of missing my grandbabies so much that it hurts. Then I've had days of contentment that this is where God wants us for now. And of course there's this house, our home of almost 26 years. It's nothing super special, but then again it most certainly is. And the thought of leaving it, leaving our little street, an enclave of the most amazing neighbors you could ever be blessed to know, is wrenching.

And so for a couple years: years of my dad's death, my mother-in-law Elizabeth's slow decline, four new grandchildren, waiting for our Michigan cabin to sell, Katie moving to Florida, and David's wedding, I guess we just kind of let the idea of moving simmer on the back burner. 

Until now. And I'm terrified, thrilled, and overwhelmed. Less than a month ago I made a passing comment in a women's class at church. My friend Susie immediately asked if we are selling our house soon. "Um, well, sometime soon-ish." And how. Susie and her family came over to look the next week, basically selling it to themselves in two hours, and serious talk began. They listed their house this past Sunday and had an offer 24 hours later.

We are moving. Despite our dragging and lagging and wondering, we are moving. My journal is filled with prayers and pleadings that God would make the way clear. And now, we sell our house without even trying, not even a sign in the yard?? That's a powerful and clear word from God if you ask me.

Some time ago we decided, at least for now, on Charlotte, NC. Dan and Jenny are there and the other kids/babies are north and south of there. It'll be more central and greatly reduce the burden of so much travel to gather our big family. It's looking like we'll need to be packed and headed out in early January. We have no idea where we'll live. Though we're working on it, it honestly terrifies me.

But my God is faithful and good! And what I continue to learn is that prayer isn't asking/getting things from God. Rather, it's a chance to grow in closer "fellowship and oneness with God," says Oswald Chambers. I now see how weak my faith has been at times. Chambers also says "faith must be tested to become my intimate possession," as affirmed in the book of James: "the testing of your faith develops perseverance." I could go on and on about this faith journey!

The world says to trust our feelings, our heart. No, says my beloved Elisabeth Elliot, they are so unreliable. Trust God. 

I'll try to update here. But it's going to get crazy! (Feel free to comment, too.)

Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift my soul.
Psalm 143:8
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1


Bonnie said...

Wow! Things are moving fast. Knew you were planning it on down the road but didn't expect it to happen until Aunt Lib is gone. It looks like the next month or so will be very busy and filled with things to do. We'll be praying for you during this time of transition. Love and God bless! Bonnie & Bob P.S. We know you'll be thrilled to be close to the kids and grandkids and will enjoy the precious time together.

Anonymous said...

You can keep all the beautiful memories of Delaware and your home here. Start a new chapter in your life being closer to your children and grandchildren. You have so much to offer others. Your friendship has been such a blessing to me and I certainly will miss you being in Delaware. Bittersweet my friend but I want you to share those special times with the little ones that will soon pass by. Live for today my friend. Love, Lisa

Karen Dawkins said...

I for one am thrilled -- over the moon happy for you. Closer to your family (and way closer to me!!!!)

Okay, mostly I'm excited to hear that God has moved -- His way, of course. "Not my plans, but yours, O God." I'm thrilled for you. I'm happy that your home is going to a friend -- it's almost a member of the family, and so great to have it go to good hands.

May God continue to make the path clear!
Love you!

Kathleen said...

I am so happy for you! Your family is your center, your heart. Your grandkids will love having you close. I see pajama parties with homemade pizza, games and reading! You will always hold a special place in our hearts for being so good to our Jack. Best wishes always, Kathleen

Unknown said...

You will be missed by so many people...but you will touch so many other lives. Be happy.