Tuesday, January 27, 2015

seven from heaven!

The word is out:
by mid-June, two more Haller babies will join our family, making SEVEN
grandchildren under the age of six for us!
Yes! Jenny and Jill are both pregnant.
Both have chosen not to find out the babies' genders ahead of time
and I think that just adds to the excitement!
The newest Haller cousins are due just five days apart
so I pray for healthy deliveries, robust babies, and strong mamas. (and daddies)
And ... it would be nice if the babies aren't born within hours of each other
 so that Baba can manage to get to them in a timely manner. (-:
God has surely blessed us more than we could ever imagine:
with our children, daughters-in-love, and now
these precious grandchildren.
Thank you, Lord.
For love.
For life.
For a new generation.

Monday, January 26, 2015

happy 30th, Dan!

Wow, this guy is turning 30 today!
Every mother says it, "where did the years go?"
Dan was born the month after we moved to northwest Ohio.
"Big brother" David was just 15 months old, the winter was long and snowy,
and I had no friends in our new town.
Those were some rough days!
I'm so proud of Dan.
In the 7 and a half years he and Jenny have been married,
they've moved twice, had three babies,
and a major career change.
Through it all, Dan has persevered and kept his sense of humor, too.
Proud of you, son!
It was fun, fun spending the weekend with you.
(More on that soon.)
Wishing you a fantastic birthday!
love, Mom

Thursday, January 15, 2015

happy birthday, hubby!

My hubby Bill is reaching a milestone today: 70!
Which means 12 days ago I turned 60.
I'm honestly not super happy with these numbers,
nor do I have any idea how we got here.
Also this month, our son Dan turns 30.
Time waits for no one!
Happy birthday, Bill.
You are the most patient, pleasant person I know.
How come you're never in a sour mood? Mr. Happy you are!
Have a super day, sweetie, I love you.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

our new year's girl

I became a grandmother five years ago today: Ari Taylor joined our family on New Year's day, 2010, two days before my 55th birthday. The night we arrived to meet her, I held Ari for several hours in the cozy rocker in her room. We snuggled and rocked and she won me over with her sweetness. I could scarcely believe I was now a grandmother.
Since then, as happens with all children, Ari has grown into an amazing little girl. She is busy, imaginative, curious, creative, a friend to all, and strives to be in charge. Ari talks to everyone, stranger or not, as she did in August while visiting us. She "interviewed" every person in line at the local ice cream stand, asking them why they "came to Dairy Depot."

Ari began my role as a grandmother and continues to teach me
how to listen and love and just slow down and be in her world.

I love you, Ari. It is my prayer that Popsy and I will one day live closer to you so that we have more than occasional visits.
Happy, happy 5th birthday!
(As always, thank you, Katie, for getting some of  my favorite photos.)