Thursday, April 28, 2016

easy, breezy fun

Oh, I have a blog? I nearly plum forgot! Gee this moving thing requires so many changes, adjustments, accepting-of-what-is-different, and lots of mental and emotional energy. We are in a city; we weren't before. Kroger still isn't here. It's felt like spring most of the last four months. Lots of southern drawl which I love: it reminds me of my mother. Inchworms hatched and invaded in early April, super gross. We have a big front porch where I read and drink iced tea. Well what else? It's the South!

I keep trying to just "do the next thing" as my hero, Oswald Chambers, wrote. Some days it's easy and others it's a huge, hard effort.

We live about 20 minutes from Dan (son) and Jenny and their four spirited kids. It's fun! I help when I can and this week took the two older girls on separate "dates." When I asked Ashlyn, who's closing in on five, what she'd like to do on our date she answered with bright eyes, "go to the dollar store!"

And so we did. Dollar store, a park (my one here favorite so far), and finished with frozen yogurt. Our two hours can be described as easy breezy fun. We talked about food, gluten, smoking, how clean my car is "because no kids ride in it," what to put on the frozen yogurt, naturally what to select at the dollar store, and we romped in the "enchanted forest" at the park. A nearly five-year-old is the easiest to please!

So glad I grabbed my camera: she's a natural!

Leaving Ohio wasn't easy, but I know God knew to bring us here. Blessed!