Friday, October 17, 2008

a Sunday in Ireland ... day four

On Sunday morning we arrived at the Y to join the students for church: students are encouraged to worship wherever they choose in Greystones and Katie took us to Hillside Church, full of faith and spirit. A young woman spoke on her mission in Kenya, where she ministers to young men who are addicted to glue-sniffing. Powerful testimony.
After church we left for Powerscourt in the nearby Wicklow mountains ...

Powerscourt is one of the most beautiful country estates in Ireland. Situated in the mountains of Wicklow, it was originally an important strategic site for the Anglo-Normans who came to Ireland in the 12th century. By the year 1300 a castle had been built here and was in the possession of the le Poer (Power) family from which it takes its name. [from]
A fire gutted the house in 1974, leaving it a shell for 20 years. A restoration was begun in 1996, bringing the house back to function and beauty.

Bill, Katie and I lunching at Powerscourt.

Windows and light fascinate me ... here you see the second floor of Powerscourt ... unfurnished and now used for receptions and corporate events.

Stairway to the second floor. Looked like a wedding reception was about to happen...

Heading down to check out Triton Lake ....

Looking back at the mansion from the far side of Triton Lake.. The fountain is based on the one in the Piazza Barberrini in Rome.

There she is again ... Katie doing what she loves to do.

We discovered some monster trees, like this one...

Another biggie: a eucalyptus ... don't they belong in Australia??

for my gardening friends ... take a look. Impressive gardens at Powerscourt!

Back in Greystones, Katie and I walked into town and bought "take-away," the Irish term for take-out ... fish & chips for me and Chinese for Katie and Bill!

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