Monday, October 20, 2008

the last hurrah ... Ireland, day six

How did the week pass so quickly? Great fellowship with the kids and Taylor parents, a different glimpse into Ireland every day, and no cooking!

On this final day in Ireland, we gathered at the 'Y' at 9:00 to join the students for a day in Dublin. Some stayed back, including Bill, who was ready for a little down time.

Tal, Katie and I teamed up and headed for the DART into Dublin with many other parents & students.

A gate leading into Dublin Castle, built in the year 1204.

Inside the amazing Dublin castle...we took a very interesting tour of this castle that continues to serve as a government building. Also fascinating was seeing the underground excavation of the original castle and city walls.

...for you tea lovers, here he is: Sir Earl Grey!

Christ Church Cathedral, just a short walk from the castle. Built in 1030!

Paid a visit to this little shop in Dublin to get some Irish "woollen" yarn for my friend Lynn. The real place for local knitters ... not so much tourists.

Friends! Katie, Norah, Ashley

Katie hugs Bill goodbye after our final dinner.

And so the door closes on our visit to Ireland. It's a land of warm people and breathtaking scenery, yet I felt at home at every turn. A part of my heart remains and I hope to return and explore the incomparable west coast.

It was especially wonderful to see Katie and how she is thriving as she is stretched in travel, discoveries, new friends and the independence of college life. We are proud, PROUD of you, Katie!

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