Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the City of Light ... Paris, day two

The first surprise of the morning was the shower. One lever for ON and the other to set the actual TEMPERATURE. How ingenious, should you want to shut the water off for a minute and not worry about scalding or freezing yourself when turning the water back on. Susan and Andre fueled us with delicious croissants, cereal and strong coffee. After a short walk to the RT (rapid transit), the four of us were on a train for Paris. So began day two.

Poor Queen Marie Antoinette. See the twin towers in the middle? That's where she was detained until her beheading in 1793. How dreadful! This bridge over the Seine is just one of many we saw. I think the bridges and the River Seine were my favorite features in Paris.

Bill was excited as a group of Spanish troubadours appeared in front of Notre Dame to entertain the masses.

Unfortunately, their concert was cut short by les gendarmes. Apparently it's unlawful to solicit donations on cathedral grounds. Too bad.

Inside Notre Dame cathedral. Spectacular.

... I don't know if it's common to see model photo shoots, but we saw two in two days! This girl was safer than the one on the Champs Elysees...she's in front of Notre Dame.

from their website.... 'Shakespeare and Company' first opened its doors in 1951. For over fifty years, the bookshop has housed numerous writers and hosted readings by published and unpublished authors. Upon entering, you will find yourself in a place Henry Miller described "A wonderland of books". Located in the Latin Quarter, across from Notre Dame.

... this is just one of those photos I like. I don't really know where it was taken, but definitely in Paris, not Ohio. (-:

This fountain is in an area called St. Michel....find it and you'll be near Notre Dame, quaint narrow streets, shops, cafes and endless interesting places to explore. It's a good place to find many eateries, including street vendors offering crepes. Yum!

By late afternoon, we'd had enough walking, so we jumped on a boat that travels the Seine....mostly for tourists to hop on and off at various points. Little did we know it would afford us our best view of the Eiffel Tower. The stars represent the countries which comprise the "EU" or European Union.

As the day waned, we crossed the Seine on Pont des arts (bridge of art). Mesmerizing! This artwork is displayed along the bridge and the light of dusk caught the photographs, the Seine and skyline just beautifully.

... as we made our way back to catch a train, we cut through the grounds of the Louvre. What a blessing! The day's fading light cast a warm glow across the Louvre that was absolutely stunning.

... I hope you can catch the magical feel that descends as night falls on Paris. It took me by surprise and I found it more beautiful and spiritual than any of the monuments or museums.

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