Monday, October 6, 2008

Paris: day one

PARIS! We flew over the Atlantic the night of September 20, arriving at Charles De Gaulle airport on Sunday morning, 9/21. My cousin Susan Laurent and her husband Andre met us. Our fathers are half-brothers and Susan and I figured we hadn't seen each other in over 30 years. So we hadn't even met each other's husbands. What a fun reunion! Susan and Andre took us to their charming home in Emerainville, outside Paris, for some lunch. (That's 'petite dejeuner' in French) Then it was off to Paris to taste the Louvre and a few other sights. Take a look ....

A view of the outside from inside the Louvre. OK, this is just a little portion of the world's-largest museum. By my estimation, the Louvre stretches about 6 blocks long and one wide (it's U-shaped), has about 3 additional wings and four floors. That's a lot of art. If you go, the first Sunday of each month is free!

Here stand Andre and Bill inside the Louvre. What room or floor, you ask? I've absolutely no idea. I'm just thankful we found our way out.

...and cousin Susan and I posing, too. How tourist-y.

...what's so fascinating to these Sunday afternoon Louvre-goers? The Mona Lisa, of course! She's a much smaller painting than I'd imagined, and there were too many people to move about the room and discover if she "watches me wherever I am." But pretty cool nonetheless. my jet-lag stupor, I'd forgotten that Paris is the fashion capital of the world...until we crossed Champs Elysees and spotted a model being photographed. Here she is...I think her job looks awkward and dangerous!

... the line outside 'Relais de Venise.' This is a favorite of my cousins, Jon and Chris. (Andre and Susan's sons) The food was divine, and they offer just a single menu: a thinly-sliced steak smothered in a fabulous secret sauce, huge french fries and salad. Adorable French ambiance...near the Arc de Triomphe. Someone even brought their dog to dine here.

After dinner, we headed back to Emerainville. Sleep came easily . . .

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