Monday, October 27, 2008

question of the day

"You're married, right?"

This question came from a jovial gentleman in the Tampa airport as I boarded a train over to the next terminal for baggage claim.

He thought he was hilarious. I simply asked if the train was headed to the baggage claim area. He continued: "your husband does all the driving, right, and you don't know how to get places!"

I smiled and answered, "I managed to get from Ohio to Tampa on 2 airplanes on my own and I can follow a map."

As Chonda Pierce's mother used to say, "Do you want your face slapped?"

Let it be a lesson. As many moms have said, "think before you speak." Use your brain before you open your mouth.

And someday I'll write about my travels with four young children, driving WITHOUT my husband for many, many miles.


David said...

"Do you want your face slapped?"


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