Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

My daughter-in-love Jenny turns 24 today. I don't really know how I am old enough to have a daughter-in-love, but here we are and a year from now I'll have another!

Jenny is special to me and has been from the day we met. Here's what I like about her:

- She loves to laugh and has a sharp sense of humor. She just "gets" funny things that I get, so that's fun.
- Jenny has taught me a thing or two. Like how to peel an avocado. Stupid, you don't peel it! You cut it in half, then scoop it out. NO, she never said that, she just kindly showed me and I was amazed!
- She really wasn't too overwhelmed by our family with three brothers, even when they are loud and rude and annoying. That's a cool girl.
- Though she's always been a "little sister" in her family, Jenny has shown she knows how to be a loving and attentive big sister to Katie. Very neat.
- She says things and we talk about things that boys just don't. She never seems in a hurry to get a conversation over with.
- She has good fashion sense and I don't, usually, and she is honest enough to gently help me in this area.
- Jenny loves books, coffee and God and what could be better than that?
- She is a giver. Of special gifts, time, friendship and love.
- Jenny loves my son Dan, and that makes me very happy.

I'm thankful for you and I love you, Jenny, and I wish you a most excellent birthday!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words about my little sister!! We love her immensely and we are so thankful that she has wonderful in-laws!
Rebecca (Jenny's oldest sister)

D&JHaller said...

Thank you so much Barb. Thanks to my new computer, I can post on any blog rather quickly! Love to you and thanks for the special treats.