Thursday, October 16, 2008

Glendalough ... Ireland, day three

Saturday, Sept. 27. The day ahead would take us to a new place in discovering Ireland: Glendalough. (pronounced 'Glenda-lock')

After packing bag lunches at the 'Y' with the students, we boarded buses for a short drive to Wicklow National Park.

Hannah and Chelsea....Katie's 2 roommates for the week she was at Taylor in August. We were so blessed throughout the week to spend time with all these awesome kids!

The monastic site of Glendalough, begun in the 6th century by a fellow named St. Kevin.

The round tower at Glendalough is not unique in Ireland: there are many around the country. There is no definitive reason they were built, but one theory is that they served as a focal point for early pilgrims making their way to worship. This round tower is about 30 meters tall.

Lots of heads! The Taylor contingent intently listens to our tour guide. We are inside the ancient monastic church...

Photographing the photographer ... Katie at Glendalough.

The trail led to this first lake, where we ate our bag lunches...

... hiking another 15 minutes, we came to the upper lake. Spectacular!

Taking a different trail down from the lakes brought us to this postcard-perfect view of the monastery, round tower and beautiful stream.
A great ending to a gorgeous day in the countryside of Ireland, discovering a piece of her history.

This is a typical scene of the week: parents and students waiting around the Y: for each other or a bus ... and using the time to visit.

The day was far from over ... after catching our breath at the hotel, it was off to Dublin for a group dinner ... then to the National Concert Hall for a "showband" concert.

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