Friday, October 10, 2008

another birthday!

I need to digress from the travelogue and wish DOVE AND LYNN a happy birthday. These are the gals who live right next door and right across the street. You know those neighbor non-relationships where the people come home, shut their garage doors and go in the house? Not here, oh no. I couldn't stay anonymous if I wanted to. Here's what we've shared over the past 15 years...

- illnesses, surgeries, and loss of a parent
- kids learning to drive
- hitting each other's cars on the street
- "borrowing" (we agree not to return the items so all are free to borrow) sugar, eggs, milk, tomatoes, butter, cream cheese, you name it
- bad - really bad - hair days
- snow days
- dog care -- runaway dogs, howling dogs, barking dogs, hungry dogs, peeing dogs
- rebellious kids ... countless tears shed
- funny, loving and honorable kids, too
- achieving kids and kids who don't
- clueless husband stories
- thoughtful husband stories
- what books we've read
- coffee, tea, birthday cakes, breakfasts
- mailbox balloons
- flower-growing contests by our mailboxes
- sun tea contests: who gets the first jar out in the spring
- graduation parties (I win on this one)
- gardening expertise (I lose on this one)
- computer knowledge (I totally lose on this one)
- an unhealthy infatuation with the movie "Mama Mia"
- kids moving out, moving in and moving around

And best of all, we share a faith in the same God and love sharing it: when we see where God's taking us and especially when we don't.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOVE AND LYNN ... thank you for keeping your garage doors up and your hearts open. I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Message through the dining room window:
I love you, too!