Thursday, August 28, 2008

the upper, the lower and the mighty Mackinac

Upper upper. Lower upper. Upper lower. Lower lower.

To those familiar with Michigan geography, this won't seem odd.

But the TV weather isn't the time to sort out these regions in my mind. All this upper/lower double-talk serves to distract me from the purpose of tuning in to the weather in the first place. I try. I really do. But by the time I've figured out where I am: the upper, the lower, or somewhere in between, it's on to sports.

Anyhow, there is a mighty bridge connecting the upper and lower parts of the state, and I crossed it last week. Five miles long! It's massive and has served its purpose regally for 51 years. It's called the Mackinac Bridge. Pronounced "Mackin-AW." Another curiosity.

I suppose every state has its oddities . . . . such as designating an inedible nut as your state university's mascot. Some things I will never understand.

This bridge is big. Notice the lights of oncoming the car....

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