Saturday, August 30, 2008

biker dog

As we drove home last evening from seeing the movie Mamma Mia (YES - I saw it again, this time with my husband, who typically has a disdain for musicals, but this one broke the mold. He loved it!) ... oops, I digressed.

A motorcycle passed us. The driver had a passenger: a dog! Have any of you ever seen this? I had not. We drove beside them long enough to check out the situation. The driver had some sort of backpack-contraption for the dog. She was stuffed down into it, so that she rode piggy-back fashion on her master. It looked like there was a chain securing her collar to the top of the backback. She looked marvelously content: front paws sticking out, ears flapping as she looked around. Now, this dog looked amazingly similar to our dog, Ellie. So imagine our sweet Ellie, riding piggyback ..... on Bill, on a motorcyle! Now, that I'd love to see!
However, I'm pretty sure I never will.

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