Thursday, August 7, 2008

our rings

What binds us together? A diamond engagement ring? Wedding bands? The marriage vows?

30 years ago, August 10, 1978, Bill and I promised to share our lives. We bought a ring for $8 from a silversmith in the hills of Mexico. The band was about 1/2" wide, so I had the idea to have the silversmith divide the ring into two. At the time, I didn't get the significance. I just liked the ring: its hand-hammered surface exemplified our artsy 1970's tastes.

Anyway, as we stood over his workbench, the artisan split the ring, sized my half down, and finished the edges of both rings. If I remember right, he added $4 labor to the price of the ring, so we had a whopping $12 in our wedding bands.

I guess after 30 years, we could spring for something more sophisticated. But I don't think anything would carry the uniqueness of our one-band-now-two. The story has elicited many "awwwws" from friends over the years.

God brought us together and a promise to love and countless memories keep us together. And so do our rings. We are two. But we're also one.

Happy anniversary, Bill!


D&JHaller said...

Thats so pretty...and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Never heard the whole story before! I love it!