Tuesday, August 12, 2008

did you cry?

Katie's first question over the phone after we left her at Taylor U. was, "did you cry, mom?"

I cried the night before, at the hotel. The next day we helped her settle in her dorm room, home for just 5 days before leaving for Ireland. A temporary and sparse set-up and not feeling really college-like. Then we watched her walk with her new roommate, off to an afternoon class. She never looked back.

This reminded me of her ordering me to let her "walk to the bus stop by myself" as a kindergartener. She was ready then for the road ahead, as she is now.

So, Katie, on the afternoon I watched you walk into young adulthood, yes, my heart cried. But the tears never came. You're a young woman, and as I said before: go. Discover the world and find out who you are and who God intends you to be.

I love you. And I will be just fine. Even if I cry a little.


David said...

Oooh, you're getting prolific already!

I enjoy your blog...keep writing!


Michelle said...

Geez, I am glad you aren't crying but the rest of us reading your blog sure are!