Monday, August 4, 2008

the clutter within

Every so often I get up one morning and absolutely can't stand looking at the counter in the kitchen; the "phone counter." For that matter, the drawer below is equally shocking. I think, maybe if I clear that counter and get it looking neat, the drawer won't matter. The casual passerby won't notice the clutter within.

So this morning I led the charge. That is, I led myself to that counter and reluctantly moved on to the drawer. I ask you, how many rubber bands does one family need? How about key rings, paper clips, old pens, broken pencils and Wal-mart receipts? Then I think about my life. Am I more concerned about the messy counters - the areas that others see - than what's underneath? Do I try to look and act good while I neglect what counts? Attitudes. Thoughts. Reliance on self. Not God.

The counter is clear now (see photo); the drawer is pretty good.

God sees the mess in my "drawer" as clearly as I see the cluttered counter every morning. And only he can tidy it up. As much as I will let him.


Lisa said...


I am enjoying your blog so much...your honesty is great! We all need to think more about whats on the inside instead of the outer appearance....thanks for the reminder...

Barb said...

Thanks, Lisa!