Saturday, August 16, 2008


As I write, we are in Charlotte, N.C., visiting Dan & Jenny, our son and daughter-in-law (whoops, I mean daughter-in-love). More on the actual visit in a later post. For now, I relate a curious encounter in downtown Charlotte.

Dan, Bill and I had some time to kill while Jenny finished up at her job. She pointed us across the street to the convention center where we observed a variety of people bustling in and out. Many of them carried large tote bags or pulled rolling suitcase-type things behind them. We soon was a .... SCRAPBOOKING CONVENTION?! For real! Now, I have made my sentiments on scrapbooking very clear to my friends. To me, it's a tedious, laborious pursuit and requires way too much stuff. Obviously, my mind is pretty much closed to ever being a scrapbooker. And, I know for a fact that today was my first and last visit to a convention of scrapbookers. Nothing against these women. I'm sure they're fine people. I just can't do their thing.

Alright. Here are some photos to document that I really was - sort of -in attendance at a scrapbooking convention.

Look closely - they even had a ... parking lot ... for their rolling scrap-cases!

Coming up: scrapbooking wasn't the only big doin's at the Charlotte Convention Center!

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