Saturday, August 9, 2008


Empty nest. Sounds lonely, doesn't it? But when you stop to think about it, would a mother bird ever continue to shelter her young? She has nourished and trained them in preparation for the things birds were meant to do. She wouldn't delay the inevitable, if shaky, flight from the comfortable nest.

And anyway, if the fledgling sat in the nest all day, it wouldn't fulfill the purpose and wonder of God's intent.

To fly.

Tomorrow our final fledgling leaves our nest. A little shaky, this flight. But good, and full of wonder. And it's time. For her to fly.

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pam said...

Love your blog! My little bird was in a funk yesterday because of yours flying. She's better today. What an exciting time for all of you! I'm praying for you all go enjoy this great adventure God has planned for each of you.