Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's been a crazy-snowy few days here in central Ohio. Makes me pause to wonder about this global-warming thing...

I've been prone to grumble about the snow, but I give in. The five or so inches, then the flurries, then the inch overnight, then some hard blowing snow today won me over. It's purely beautiful: a wonder to see. God came up with an amazing element in snow. Snow muffles everything into a huge hush. Like crawling under a quilt.

My kids aren't too big to sled, though they learned today that it's not a good idea for two guys, both over 6 feet tall, to ride down a hill together on a kid's sled. Our sled is severely damaged. We all had fun, though: Dan & Jenny, Mark & Jill, Ellie and me.

This venue isn't as scary as it sounds, but it's pretty darned steep. And it was crazy-windy and cold atop the dam!

Dan got a faceful of ice and snow.


Sara G said...

Great pictures. Looks like lots of fun!!
Take care

David said...

I can't stop laughing at these pictures...especially the one of Mark with Ellie (picturing her sledding down the hill) and Dan's expression from the faceful of snow. Wish I could have been there!