Tuesday, January 27, 2009

... significant weather event through wednesday...

This was under the "more information" heading for tonight's forecast here in central Ohio. Check it out.

Event? I chuckled. Be assured, a "significant weather event" is not to be confused with other significant events. Shopping events. Sporting events. TV show premiere events. Or the release of a new Harry Potter book.

No, no. The impending event will require:
1. snow boots
2. warm coat
3. gloves & hat
4. snow shovel or, if you're fortunate, a snow blower
5. salt
6. and you'd better have some ingredients for a pot of soup

I asked Bill the other day, "does anyone ever install heating elements in their driveway?" Seriously -- they have them at Miami University on the walkways. Our north-facing driveway never sees the sun, so we know what a "significant weather event" means. It means we'll be out shoveling, salting, slipping and sliding.

I love winter.

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