Monday, January 26, 2009

happy birthday, Dan-the-Man!

Twenty four years ago tonight, I brought my second son Dan into the world. (And like all moms, I've since told him I could take him OUT of it.) Bill will give you his version on how "hard" his job was that night, propping my shoulders while I pushed for an hour, but sorry, honey. Unless you've experienced an 8-pound baby leaving your body, you cannot make any claims of the "pain" of childbirth.

I give credit to my daughter-in-love Jenny for the idea of an acrostic on this special occasion, Dan's birthday!

D - Dan is a daring young man and always was. From babyhood on, he was a running, leaping, sprawling, sprinting jumble of boy. I don't know how he never broke a bone.

A - Amiable. Dan is such a friendly guy. He & Jenny built a network of great friends very quickly when they moved to Charlotte as newlyweds.

N - Dan is noble. My son desires to honor others and God with his life. He knows what is right and does it.

I - Intelligent and inquisitive. Dan was always a voracious reader. He became a teacher and I know he's striving to pass on his love of learning to his students. He loves books on world wars and has a growing collection of them.

E - Dan is amazingly expressive. He takes time to write down his thoughts to those he loves. I could see this tender quality in him even as a little boy, even though he tried to hide it.

L - Loving and loyal. What could be better than a loyal man? And Dan is just that. His loyalty to God, his wife, and family is exhibited in his life. Love and loyalty are character traits that require a large measure of selflessness.

Dan, I know you'll enjoy a fabulous birthday dinner tonight because Jenny's cooking! Have a great birthday and know that I love you!


David said...

I'll take care of the middle name...

J - Joker.
O - Ornery.
S - Squeamish.
E - Extremely squeamish.
P - Pipsqueak is one of the kinder P-words that comes to mind.
H - Handsome. Let's face it, Dan a strapping young lad.

Happy birthday, Broseph!!!

Barb said...


Good, brotherly ones!

Why didn't I think of extremely squeamish???

DandJHaller said...

Haha..... Thats hilarious!

Anonymous said...

...and he's thoughtful and a positive role model.

Dan left a great impression on my tender-hearted little boy before he moved from next door and then the state.

Dan said...

Wow, lots of love for me all are too kind! Or really thoughtful if you're mom. Or really mean if you're David. Thanks everyone for the birthday lovin'!