Tuesday, January 6, 2009

outta here...again

On Sunday we moved Katie to college. Funny, when she spent her first semester in Ireland, it didn't feel like sending her off to college. This does.

Moving in a college freshman is usually associated with a scorching August day, making a Wal-mart run for a fan all while wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Not this time around.

Since Katie spent her first semester in Ireland with just 2 suitcases, her big move took place on January 4. Cold. Biting wind. Drizzle.

Also different was the "reunion atmosphere." Instead of not knowing a soul on campus, Katie has two dozen friends from her months in Ireland.

Is it easier to send off the last one? Yeah, but this mom's heart is still a little sad. My head says "be happy for what's to come" but my heart says, "where'd the years go?"

Really, though. The "empty nest" isn't quite yet. I think that happens when they all finally finish college and/or get married and move out on their own. For now, we're in the "yo-yo years." We get into a nice little routine of cleaner kitchen counters and bathrooms ... and suddenly they're back for Christmas or - really drastic - summer break. And leave again.

I'll say one thing. Being a mom is never stagnant. Kids blow from one life stage to the next and either you run like mad to keep up or get left behind, wondering where they went.

But at some point, we must let them run while we find contentment in a job well-done. I'm just learning how to do it.

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