Saturday, January 3, 2009

the night I was born

Just past midnight on January 3, 1955, my mother had settled into bed after a long day of laundry and chores. She and my dad were in the middle of a move, and she was staying at her parents house. She prayed, "Lord, let me sleep before this baby comes." I was two weeks overdue already.

Wump! First labor pains began. Since my dad was settling things into the new house, my grandpa, Poppy, drove mom to the hospital. Literally, that's ALL he did. Mom remembered that a nervous Poppy pulled up to the hospital entrance and told my in-labor mother to "go on in while I park the car."

So in she walked, doubled-over, to bring me into the world. I think everyone's birth story is a special memory. Make sure you share your child's story with him or her!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if people's birth stories hint at their personalities.

You've been spontaneous and full of good surprises for as long as I've known you! Happy annual day of birth.

b. said...

hmmm...interesting theory. Maybe it also explains why I tend to run late ...

D said...

"Wump" - so THAT'S what it sounds like when a woman enters labor pains.