Wednesday, January 21, 2009

open house??

I watched most of the pomp and pageantry of the Presidential inauguration yesterday. Politics aside, I admit the day was hugely impressive and inspiring. Over one million people converged on the Mall in Washington, in sub-freezing temperatures, to witness history in the making.

And last night it was revealed that the Obama girls would not have to go to school today because ... there's an OPEN HOUSE at the White House and Michelle wants the girls to experience that. I'm pretty sure she said it's open TO THE PUBLIC.

How disappointing. Since I've always wanted to visit the White House, today would have been my golden opportunity. But I just wasn't on the ball.

I wonder if Aretha Franklin will attend. If guests are invited based on their choice of outlandish hats, I think Aretha wins hands-down.


DandJHaller said...

I was thinking you could wear that hat for the next wedding! :):)

barb said...