Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy birthday, David!

David, my oldest son, is turning 29 today. 29!
David's the type of guy who puts people at ease.
And makes them laugh.
He has a way of asking a question or re-stating something you've just said
that makes you think twice, or realize the foolishness of it all. But then you laugh.
Unlike most people, David values everyone equally.
He's unimpressed by fame, power, money and prestige.
He's most interested in a person's heart, character and integrity.
Whether it's a new food, a new city, or book, David is open to try about anything.
He has a quirky interest in the hippie generation of which he thinks his parents were a part.
David loves God, family, baseball, rock-bottom bargains and coffee ... I'm not really sure in what order.
It's almost the post-season, so his life is crazy ....
but David, I wish you a happy, special, and NICE (hehe) birthday!

1 comment:

Dave Haller said...

Haha...you are the best, Mom! Thanks for making my day special. You know the key to my heart is thru granola and carrot cake.