Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kiwani reunion, arrival on Friday

I think I speak for most of the reunion weekend's 75 participants that we were instantly transported
back to our days as Kamp Kiwani campers and staff.
Girl Scout camp staff go by nicknames and right away we reassumed those names.
I was Locket and my sister was Kanga. 
I had no idea these gals, among my best camp friends, would be there! Speedy, 2nd from the left, was artistic and cheerful.
Donut, in the middle, was friendly, funny and sang every camp song beautifully.
I worked in units with both of them.
And Pudd'n, 2nd from right, beside me, directed Kiwani for several summers.
Pudd'n always seemed kind of gruff to me, but she's a charming, funny lady.
Pam, far left, was on staff, too. Here we are just before flag ceremony:
a long-standing Girl Scout tradition.

Pudd'n posts the colors on Saturday morning.
There's the Thunderbird, the camp's beautiful dining hall that
is exactly as I remember it 35 years ago.

We settled  in to our cabins on Friday evening and enjoyed a spaghetti
dinner together. As night fell, we put on jeans, grabbed our flashlights and headed back to the Thunderbird to watch "Follow Me Girls," an ancient Girl Scout promotional film. We all laughed and applauded.
And though most of us didn't sleep well on our cots that night, we fondly remembered our days at
camp as the owls and coyotes sang us to sleep.

Tomorrow: Saturday at camp: fun on the lake and a quest to find Soapstone Falls.

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