Friday, October 5, 2012

Saturday at Kamp Kiwani

Kamp Kiwani is nearing her 50th year.
She was not even 10 when I first saw her.
Much has remained the same: the Thunderbird where campers and staff eat and gather,
the units of light green cabins and troop houses nestled in the woods,
main camp featuring the trading post,
and the waterfront where I spent many days teaching girls to swim.
But Kiwani is much more heavily wooded now, having 35 years to fill in with
hardwoods and pines. It feels like it needs a little more TLC than the Girl Scouts can afford,
in the way of forest management and trail upkeep. But 1,000 acres is a lot to maintain.
The unit by the lake was altered to include this fire circle and benches and it's beautiful. We all enjoyed a campfire and singing here on Saturday night.

The boathouse by Lake Okalowa. It hasn't changed a bit!
I stood on those steps all through the summer, handing out
life jackets and dribbling rubbing alcohol in girls' ears!

Love the boathouse ...

... love my sister, who insisted we go back to Kiwani!

Though my sister Anne (I mean Kanga) is a sailor,
she agreed to canoe with me. A group of us wanted to find Soapstone Falls,
a favorite destination of campers and staff.
Tomorrow: you'll see what we found!

2 comments: said...

Loving all the pictures of Kiwani...I remember the summer I spent there with you so vividly. What a wonderful summer that was.

Barb said...

Oh it was Lyn!