Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a delightful little visit!

Katie and her biggest brother

Over the weekend we had a treat:
a short visit with our son David. Yay!
David works for a baseball team, so we rarely get to see him during the season.
He was working in Detroit last week, helping out at some play-off games.
With the nature of baseball: who wins, who loses, and the weather,
we didn't even know until the last out on Thursday
that we could pick him up for a weekend visit.
Bill and Katie drove up early Friday and brought David home.
It was great!

We made pizza one night and grilled steaks the next.
David visited his grandma, and we went hiking at Gallant Woods.
We also played some games and watched "The King's Speech."
How I love, love, love catching up with my grown kids,
seeing how they think and hearing about their jobs and lives.
It's a satisfaction I could never have imagined
back when I was breaking up their fights, packing their lunches and
driving them to the orthodontist.

(Even though you own your own house now ...)
thanks for coming home, David!

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