Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kamp Kiwani ... Soapstone Falls and waterfront

A group of us old-timers set out on Saturday morning of our
reunion at Kamp Kiwani.
We were sillier and louder than 50-something women should be,
but did we ever have a ball.
We were in search of Soapstone Falls, a favorite destination of campers and staff.
Kanga found a map to the falls in an old camp manual in the "museum" at the Thunderbird.
Perfect! Off we paddled.

We paddled up a finger of the lake, pulled the canoes up, and slogged through the muck.
Laughing all the way!
We did stop long enough to notice these awesome mushrooms.

Our merry little band ... crazy, all of us!

And by golly, we found the "falls."
Water does still course this way, when there's rain.
And best of all, there's still a good supply of soapstone,
the soft, gray stone found in layers along the walls.
I carved a poem on one of those stones for
the sweet guy who became my husband.
He still has it.

On the way back, we spotted Pudd'n, trying out a funyak!

Sliding in to shore, we pulled up the canoes and headed to lunch.
A grand morning on the lake!

At last, my sis got to take out a sailboat. How she loved it!
Here we are together. What a ball!

Next: faces of the Kiwani reunion weekend.

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