Saturday, October 13, 2012

16 days and 2693.5 miles

Wow, it's been an incredible two weeks! Sixteen days, really. My recent posts on the Kamp Kiwani reunion spanned a five-day road trip I made to Tennessee, also stopping to visit my dad in Nashville.

As I traveled, son Mark and his wife Jill, who moved to Virginia in August, had to vacate their home due to a plumbing/sewage emergency. Ack! While living in a hotel and with new church friends, they were told they had one week to move out completely.

And so upon my return from Tennessee, I made plans to drive to Virginia to help Mark and Jill move. Home two days, then back in the car. This time, daughter Katie joined me.

While helping with such a hasty move wouldn't have been anyone's choice of a visit, it was great to see Mark, Jill and sweet 8-month-old Lily and give them a hand. What a task! Their new town home is charming with its wood floors and large, sunny rooms. Love it! The neighborhood is full of trees and sidewalks. Especially amazing was the team of guys from Mark and Jill's new church who came to the rescue. A dozen or more men answered the call to help. Wow, what servant hearts!

After four nights in Virginia, Katie and I headed to Charlotte to visist Dan, Jenny, Ari and Ashlyn. The girls are adorable, busy and energetic. They wore out their Baba, but I loved every minute of it! We went to a beautiful park, fixed and ate lots of food, spent time in the lovely Carolina autumn, visited the library, colored, did laundry, read books, took naps, changed diapers and made potty runs.

Arriving home last evening, I checked my odometer. I'd driven 2,695.5 miles over 16 days. A record for me, surpassed only by the great Montana adventure of 1998!

As always, it's sweet to have time with granddaughters. A few more photos to come ...


Diana Coon said...

Sounds like time well invested, Barb. Get some rest....Diana

Karen Dawkins said...

HA!!! Quite the road trip for the lady who doesn't like travel!

Barb said...

I like being there. I don't like driving there. (-: