Thursday, September 27, 2012

the writing life

Life continues to keep me busy, busy. This week I wrote an article for Heart of Ohio magazine, a neat little publication whose editor, Diana Coon, I got to know. She asked if I'd like to write for each of their six issues this year, I said yes, and, well, it's kept me on my writing toes.

So click on the link, go to back issues - and current issue - and you can read my stuff. Better yet, subscribe! The current issue's article is on biking in Ohio, and lots more by other writers.

"See" ya next week!


Diana Coon said...

You forgot to mention that Diana Coon thinks you are very talented and she is very glad you decided to write for Heart of Ohio Magazine. Getting to know you through your writing has made me a better writer.....thank you!

Barb said...

Thanks Diana! You're a great encourager!