Friday, February 1, 2013

the lesson of the sandpiper

We made the most of our last day in St. Petersburg with David. Loved his church! It was full of worshipful energy ... how great to worship with people who love God. And how fun that we had met a dozen or more people Friday night at David's and got to see them again on Sunday morning.

David and I headed to the beach for the afternoon. A little bit of haze kept it very comfortable, so I didn't mind the very long walk from the parking lot. Probably 300 yards: what a wide beach! David and I walked, watched the parade of people in, um, interesting swim attire, and read our books.

And as always when I go to the beach, I was fascinated by the shore birds. They skitter effortlessly up and down the packed sand, darting just to the water's edge and back as waves come in.

As I squatted on the sand and watched these birds, I got to thinking.
If I listen consistently for God's voice, I can be like the sandpiper,
running with wild abandon toward life's challenges.
I have no reason to question what's in the waves.
 God has my back and gives me freedom to do my job;
to run up and down the beach
fearlessly, in sweet trust. 

OK, so my metaphor is cheesy?
Who's to say?
Through all of God's amazing creation, he can use a little sandpiper
to remind me that he's in charge and has my life in his capable hands.

That evening, David took us to Bonefish Grill for our January birthdays.
Outstanding! And the company, too. Thanks, David!
And so ended our visit to both coasts of Florida.
Sadly ... we started north the next day.

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