Thursday, February 14, 2013

my un-Valentine

Bill and I have never embraced the traditional, commercial aspects of Valentine's Day. In the beginning, he seemed to reject that "someone" like Hallmark dictated a day of love. Then once our children came along, we ended up with three born in January and February; two of their birthdays are six days on either side of Valentine's Day. I was frankly up to my eyeballs in February celebrations.
So Valentine's Day took a backseat in our house.

Now that we're empty-nesters and having been married for almost 35 years, I've grown to appreciate the everyday expressions of love.
Perhaps some won't see it this way, but it's very dear to me.
It shows lasting commitment.

Bill makes the coffee every morning. He gets it ready, but waits until I'm up to turn it on, knowing I don't like coffee that's been sitting awhile.

I can't quite admit it, but I don't especially like to do the driving on our long trips.
He gladly takes the wheel while I read or nap. Hours and hours.

And when we travel, he's always willing to pull over for whatever I want:
coffee, ice cream, a photo opp, or an interesting shop.

Bill's more than flexible when it comes to meals. The man would eat cold
lasagna for breakfast with no complaint.
I don't think I can recall five meals he hasn't liked in 35 years.

A writer needs solitude, time to think and write.
He gives me that, day after day.
When the kids were young and I was home with them,
Bill never once asked, "what did you do all day?"
He seemed to appreciate that I'd done plenty, even if the house was a wreck.

And speaking of that, he never really cared if the house was a wreck.
He thought it was more important that I spend time with the
children than clean house.

I'm not always easy to love, but my husband keeps at it,
an example of 1 Corinthians 13.
"... love is not easily angered, keeps no record of wrong ... always protects,
trusts, perseveres ..."

And though Valentine's Day isn't his thing,
Bill will offer to take me out for lunch or dinner.
But then, he does that all through the year.
That's what endears him to me this Valentine's Day.
I love you, honey!

To see your husband loving your children - and grandchildren - might be the best Valentine of all.

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