Saturday, February 16, 2013

loving and longing for Lily

It was back on the road last weekend.
Oh, sweet little Lily turned one on February 9.
What a year she's had, moving far away from us at 6 months old.
This made me very sad (self)
but happy and proud that her daddy found a good job that he loves. (not self)

I'm feeling a growing longing for my grandchildren.
Spending several days with them only worsens my missing them.
As children develop personalities, I grow more attached to them.
Anyway, some day we might live closer, who knows?

So ... photos. I wouldn't end this post without them!
(And thank you, blogspot, for fixing the photo problem.
I could kiss you.)

She is climbing the stairs with ease.

Lily loves a bath, but not too thrilled with her towel.
Isn't Jill so beautiful? Motherhood becomes her.

What's sweeter than a one-year-old's birthday?
And someday they will say, "we looked so young!"

 The birthday girl with her daddy. ("da-da")

... and her Popsy

and me, her Baba.
I am crazy in love with photos of me reading to my grandchildren.
And with Lily.

Thanks for letting us visit, Mark and Jill!


Barb said...

This is a test! Why isn't anyone commenting?

Jenny Haller said...

So sweet all the fun y'all had! Lily won't remember but i know you will! Those pics are special of you reading to them. you should frame a few. (with space for more babies)